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1 oz Silver Coin Jaffa Gate with Box

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Release Date: March 2017

First in the "Gates of Jerusalem" Series Along with the popular "Views of Jerusalem" Series, a new series of gold and silver featuring the "Gates of Jerusalem", is issued.

The Walls around the Old City of Jerusalem were built in the 16th century by the Sultan of Turkey, known as Suleiman the Magnificent. Eight gates were constructed within the Walls. The gates are open and serve as passageways to the sacred and historical sites and markets of the city, with exception of the Golden Gate or Mercy Gate, as it is also known, which remains closed. It is said that this gate will be opened miraculously, when the Messiah comes and the dead are resurrected.

The "Gates of Jerusalem" Series, struck in gold and silver in strictly limited mintages, will take you on an amazing tour of the Walls of Jerusalem, over thousands of years of history. Jaffa Gate is one of the most important of the eight gates in the Old City of Jerusalem. Located close to the Tower of David, "Jaffa Gate" is so called because it is a starting point for the westward route to the ancient Port of Jaffa on the Mediterranean Coast. In Arabic, Jaffa Gate is known as "Hebron Gate", because the route southwards from Jaffa Gate leads to Hebron. Jaffa Gate was built by Sultan Suleiman I, in the mid 16th century during Ottoman rule. Carved in the stone above the arch of the gate is a large inscription with the name of the builder and year in which it was built. For reasons of defense, the entrance of the gate was built at an angle. The area around Jaffa Gate became a center of trade and activity for the public. In the mid 19th century, in the wake of the building of the new neighborhoods outside the Walls of the Old City, Jaffa Gate became an even more active center. Consulates, banks and hotels chose the area as a location. Over the ages, Jaffa Gate has been the entrance to Jerusalem for pilgrims from all over the world.

Design: Zvika Roitman Description
Face: Jaffa Gate and to the right, the Tower of David. Inscriptions – "Jaffa Gate" and on the gold, "1oz Fine Gold.9999", on the silver "1oz Fine Silver.999" and the mint year. Common Reverse of the Series : Stylized map of the Gates in the Wall around the Old City of Jerusalem

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