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1 oz Silver Coin The Jewish Quarter - with Box

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Second in the "Views of Jerusalem" Series

Overlooking the Temple Mount and Western Wall to the east, the Jewish Quarter is one of four - Jewish, Armenian, Muslim and Christian - Quarters in the Old City of Jerusalem. Home of a continuous Jewish presence since the eighth century BCE, the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem was at the height of its splendor in the Second Temple period. At that time, it was the residential site of the Jerusalem aristocracy and priesthood, who lived in proximity to the Holy Temple. Today, the Jewish Quarter is a rich archaeological site. Its historical sites include the "Burnt House", remnant of a building destroyed in the the Great Jewish Revolt against Roman rule and the Cardo, a main road dating from the time of Roman rule, of which only Roman columns remain today. In 1948, during the War of Independence, the Old City fell under Jordanian rule and the Jewish inhabitants were forced to leave. Following the Six-Day War in 1967, when the Old City was recaptured by Israeli paratroopers, the Jewish Quarter was rebuilt and resettled. The Jewish Quarter today is a thriving area for about 6,000 residents and location of many Synagogues, including the magnificent restored Hurva Synagogue, schools and Yeshivas – Centers for Jewish learning. Design: Face - Ruben Nutels, Common Reverse – Yaacov Enyedi Minting: The Holy Land Mint Description Face: A stylized rendering of a typical stone alleyway in the Jewish Quarter, with its arched-window houses. Back right is the dome of the Hurva Synagogue and right in the foreground is one of the Roman columns of the Cardo. Inscription: " The Jewish Quarter" in English and Hebrew Common Reverse of the Series: Lion of Jerusalem and prominent buildings of Jerusalem, within the outline of a coat of arms, the Holy Land Mint logo.

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