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1 oz Silver Coin New Gate

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The New Gate in the Jerusalem Old City Wall was built in 1889 by the Ottoman authorities. Relatively speaking, it is the newest gate out of the main 8 gates in the walls and was built at their highest point.

The New Gate rendered the passage between the Old City of Jerusalem and the Christian institutions across the street, more convenient.
While the other gates within the walls of the Old City are more impressive in appearance with more decorative elements, the New Gate is plainer and consists of a single opening in the wall. The other gates were fortified in the 16th century when defensive needs were greater. Security conditions had improved by the late 19th century and the Greek Orthodox Church undertook the construction of shops, storerooms, stables, and residential apartments along the street leading to the gate. Thus the area close to the gate became a lively traffic and trading area.

The New Gate was blocked from 1948, when it was closed by the Jordanians, until 1967, when it was reopened by the Israel Defense Forces, after the Six-Day War.


Design: Zvika Roitman

Engraving: Tidhar Dagan

Minting: The Holy Land Mint



Face: New Gate, inscription in English and Hebrew, "New Gate", on the gold version "1oz. fine gold.9999, on the silver "1oz. fine silver.999", and the mint year

Common Reverse: Stylized sketch of the Gates of the Old City in the Walls of Jerusalem, border inscription in English and Hebrew, "Gates of Jerusalem" and, below, The Holy Land Mint logo.

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