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8g China Panda gold coin

Country of origin: China
CHF 648.50 CHF 648.50
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30g Gold China Panda The panda is not only the most famous representatives of chinese wildlife, but it is also a great figure to the Chinese gold coin. You will find on the back of the coin the Temple of Heaven in Beijing. The China Panda Gold coin is an investment coin, but with its friendly design it is also perfectly suited as a gift. In 2016, the Chinese government introduced the metric system to it’s China Panda coins: old: 1/20 oz new: 1 g (assigned value of 10 yuan) old: 1/10 oz new: 3 g (assigned value of 50 yuan) old: 1/4 oz new: 8 g (assigned value of 100 yuan) old: 1/2 oz new: 15 g (assigned value 200 Yuan) old: 1 oz new: 30 g (assigned value of 500 yuan)

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