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Pièce en or Lince Ibérico 1 oz

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The Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre-Real Casa de la Moneda begins, this year 2021, the minting of the first Spanish Bullion gold coin. The coin will weigh one troy ounce of gold, 31.104 grams, have a purity of 999.9 thousandths, a diameter of 37 millimetres, and will show the head of the Iberian Lynx. The head of this beautiful feline, together with the legend 'LINCE IBÉRICO', the face value of 1.5 €, the year of minting and the crowned M as mintmark, are shown on the reverse of the coin. The obverse reproduces a "Real de a Ocho", also known as “Spanish milled dollar” or “piece of eight”, the image of the most historically recognised Spanish coin, the first global coin, which circulated throughout the world for more than two centuries. It features the eastern and western hemispheres with two globes crowned over the sea, flanked by the Pillars of Hercules on either side, on which two ribbons with the motto "PLVS VLTRA" flutter. The legends "FELIPE VI REY DE ESPAÑA" at the top and "1 ONZA 999.9" at the bottom complete the design, as stated in the Ministerial Order ETD/890/2021 of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation published in the Official State Gazette on 19 August 2021.

In its first issue, a maximum of 12,000 coins will be issued and distributed in the domestic and international markets. This coin will be the first of an annual series of bullion gold coins that the Royal Mint of Spain will offer to distributors, collectors and the general public around the world, for collecting and investment purposes.

As with all our collector's pieces, the entire production process follows the strictest technical controls, and their careful manufacture has been carried out on manual minting machines, piece by piece. The coins are delivered in capsules and with a reverse-proof finish of the highest quality. This means that the background is matte and the motifs have a mirror-like finish.

Degussa is the official distributor of that Coin in Switzerland

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